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be restricted until key distribution time. Delegates should take any materials they may need — especially medicine, a wallet, debate notes, or a sweater — out of their luggage before they store their luggage. Delegates will also be asked to store their luggage on Sunday morning after checkout at 9am.

The Junior State of America and The Junior Statesmen Foundation assume no liability for loss or damage. Students should not bring expensive items such as portable stereos, cameras, or valuable jewelry to the convention.


Housing and Meals

Generally, delegates will be housed four to a room with two double beds. Teachers are housed two to a room in a room with two double beds, unless a private room has been requested (the fee for a private room is $165 and such a room must be requested in advance). Room switching is not allowed.

Delegates are encouraged to remain in the hotel for all meals unless granted specific permission from your TA. Several school districts require that students must be accompanied by their Teacher if they wish to leave the hotel for meals. Also, no students may leave the hotel after the Chapter Caucus on Friday or Saturday evenings.


Chapter Caucus

A mandatory chapter caucus will be held on Friday and Saturday nights, after dinner, to ensure that all delegates are in the hotel before dark. Chapters will have individual roll calls and then participate in regional activities conducted by the elected student Mayor.

We will not proceed until all chapters and students are accounted for, so please be respectful of everyone else’s time and be punctual.



Junior State delegates are generally known for their excellent conduct at conventions. Please review the convention rules below carefully with all your delegates. With your guidance, we are confident that your delegation will conduct itself responsibly. Chapter Presidents and Delegation Leaders are expected to reinforce good behavior through not only their own conduct, but also in verbal instructions to delegates. Chapter Presidents often hear of delegates’ plans to break the rules in advance. A stern warning from the Chapter President can dissuade delegates from breaking rules and avoid bringing troubles to your chapter in both the short and long term.

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