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Pam Parker, Maine DEP

Is there an operational pump-out facility or boat?

Are facility staff adequately trained to perform pump-outs?

Is this facility accessible? Describe cost and distance.

Include records of pump-out use.

Is this facility regularly checked for leaks or hazards?

Educational efforts for boat owners?

Characteristics to record during the “peak” season include:

  • Name of marina.

  • GPS coordinates.

  • Date of evaluation.

  • Operating dates.

  • Peak season.

  • Name of marina operator/ harbormaster.

  • Distance of marina to beach and/or shellfish growing area.

  • Total number of slips; total number and type (i.e., powerboat, sailboat) of boats occupying slips.

  • Total number of moorings; total number and type of boats occupying moorings.

  • Total number of boats with toilets/marine sanitation devices (MSDs).75

  • Are there onshore facilities? Describe type of sewage disposal (municipal sewer, holding tank, septic system, OBD).

  • How often is the holding tank or septic system pumped? Is it alarmed?

  • Is there any evidence of a malfunction?

  • Describe the distance of the subsurface wastewater disposal system to the waterbody, runoff potential, slope of land, etc.

Other useful, but less essential characteristics to record include, but are not limited to:

  • Total number of boats lived on. Describe length

(weekends, summers, year-round).

Conducting the Sanitary Survey

  • Is the marina a member of the Clean Marinas Program?

  • Is the pump-out facility advertised? Is it clean and attractive for use?

  • Is the marina located in a designated No

Discharge Zone?

  • Describe local currents/circulation patterns.

Not all mooring fields and anchorages are associated with marinas, but these areas also should be evaluated along with other activities occurring “offshore” at town landings, fish piers, islands, etc., that can adversely impact water quality. For example, trash and bait dumped overboard can contrib- ute bacteria directly or attract waterfowl. Subsurface waste- water disposal systems, or lack thereof, on nearby offshore islands should be noted in the sanitary survey.


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