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Mixed Grain/Hay Loan LDP Eligibility

USDA does not establish loan rates for mixed commodities. A mixed commodity harvested as grain that does not meet grading standards is not eligible for a loan or Loan Deficiency Payment (LDP). A mixed commodity that is hayed or harvested as silage is not eligible for an LDP.

Eligibility for Grain/Oilseeds/Pulse Crops Harvested as Grain – If a mixed commodity is harvested as grain and a farm-stored loan or LDP is applied for, a sample of the harvested crop must be taken to a licensed Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS) laboratory for grading, at the producer’s expense. Loan or LDP eligibility will be determined based on the results of the sample.

Eligibility for Grain/Oilseeds/Pulse Crops Harvested as Other Than Grain – If the mixed commodity is harvested as hay or silage, there is no test to determine the percentage of each commodity in the mixture to establish the grade and class. Therefore, crops planted in a mixture and hayed or harvested for silage are not eligible for an LDP.

A commodity planted as a nurse crop with alfalfa may be eligible for an LDP if a full seeding is planted and the commodity is reported as the intended use for grain or forage. The County Committee may require documentation to support the seeding rate.

Ensure Benefits Are Received in a Timely Manner

To ensure USDA program benefits are received in a timely manner, please ensure you are consistent in the way you are presenting your operation to all USDA agencies including NRCS, Risk Management Agency (RMA), FSA and any other USDA agency programs you may partake in. For example, if you have signed up for program benefits with FSA as Joe Farmer, please sign up with NRCS as Joe Farmer. This will ensure Joe Farmer has completed all program paperwork and is eligible to receive payments. When in doubt, ask your county office.

Carbon County Committee Election Results

The 2009 Carbon County Committee election was held on December 5, 2008, for LAA # 3 (Red Lodge - Roberts Area). Robert DeVries received the most votes and was elected to represent this area for a three-year term. The Carbon county FSA would like to thank Darell Stark for his 9 years of service to the Carbon County FSA county committee.

The members of the regular county committee for 2009 are Carol Nott, representing LAA #1, Melvin Hoferer, representing LAA #2, and Robert DeVries in LAA #3. The FSA committee is responsible for seeing that all USDA programs administered through the FSA are carries out in full accordance with the regulations, policies, and procedures, and are available equally to all eligible farmers and ranchers in the county. County Committees are a unique system that offer producers participating or cooperating in federal programs a chance to administer the programs that affect the well-being of all producers in their COC jurisdiction. One of the reasons the Farm Service Agency is recognized for delivering its programs so well is because County Committees give FSA local expertise and guidance on information such as yields, productivity of the land, and local farming methods and practices.

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