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Lesson One

  • Q.

    Can anything less than a military force carry the Stamp Act into execution?

  • A.

    I do not see how a military force can be applied to that purpose.

Reading 6

  • Q.

    Why may it not?

  • A.

    Suppose a military force sent into America. They will find nobody in arms; what are they then to do? They cannot force a man to take stamps who chooses to do without them. They will not find a rebellion; they may indeed make one.

  • Q.

    If the act is not repealed, what do you think will be the consequences?

  • A.

    A total loss of the respect and affection the people of American bear to this country and of all the commerce that depends on that respect and affection. . . .

*** Q. If the Stamp Act should be repealed, would it induce the assemblies of America to acknowledge the right of Parliament to tax them, and would they erase their resolution?

  • A.

    No, never.

  • Q.

    Is there no means of obliging them to erase those resolutions?

  • A.

    None, that I know of; they will never do it, unless compelled by force of arms.

  • Q.

    Is there a power on earth that can force them to erase them?

  • A.

    No power, how great soever, can force men to change their opinions. . . .

Source: Jack P. Greene, ed., Colonies to Nation, 1763–1789: A Documentary History of the American Revolution (New York: W. W. Norton, 1975), pp. 73–78.

George Grenville

Dictionary of American Portraits, Dover Publications, Inc., 1967


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