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From…To…RequirementAdditional Requirements

2.  Upon reaching the needed

    handicap, the golfer will be

    assigned a walker at the next

    Junior Golf day to verify the

    golfer’s knowledge of rules and

    demonstration of proper etiquette.

18B boys18B boys18-hole handicap1.  The handicap must be for a

    minimum of 5 posted scores, at

18B girls18A girls18-hole handicap     least 3 of which must be during a                                 of 32 or less     current-year Junior Golf day

    Session at the 18B level.

All new players to golf or children of new members, regardless of age, must report to the Beginners’ group.  They will be moved to the proper group when evaluated as to ability and knowledge of rules and demonstration of proper etiquette.

If, for any reason, a player or the player’s parent opts against advancement when their handicap and other requirements indicate they should, the player will not be eligible for prizes during regular play or championships at the “gross score” level.  However, they will still be eligible for prizes at the “new score” level.

Note:  The Junior Golf Committee will assess all cases on an individual basis if circumstances arise such as, but are not limited to, obvious golf ability, higher age than what is normal in a particular group, or membership at other clubs with verified Junior Golf participation.  Also, any situation not covered specifically in these pages will be handled at the discretion of the Junior Golf Committee with the Golf Professional Staff having the final say.


Approval of Junior Golfers will be based on the following:

1.  13 years of age (or if a younger player has an 18-hole handicap of 24 or less, and providing they participate in the Junior Golf Program, the Golf Professional Staff may consider them for approval.)

2, Handicaps, playing ability, record of proper conduct and etiquette on the course are all taken into consideration.

3.  Five current year 18-hole TVCC scores or five 18-hole TVCC scores recorded in the previous year and three current year TVCC scores.  All scores must be properly dated and attested by an adult.

Standards should not be relaxed once approved; violation of rules will be cause for suspension or revocation of privileges.

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