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Science Earth Science 5 Topic: Human Interactions with the Environment Standard: Recognizes the effects human beings have on pollution and the environment. 5.1 Identifies ways human beings cause and can correct pollution of water bodies, the atmosphere (acid rain, ozone layer, and greenhouse effect) and the land (soil pollution, and chemical/nuclear waste). 5.2 Examines the effects pollution from cities have on weather and the effect of burning fuels on the atmosphere, melting of polar ice caps, and predicting earthquakes.

Non-Assessed QCC Standards:

Grade: 8 Mathematics Statistics & Probability 45 Topic: Data Interpretation, Data Display, Prediction, Conclusion Standard: Reads, interprets, compares, and analyzes data in frequency distributions, diagrams, charts, tables, and graphs (bar, line, circle, stacked bar, double line, and multiple bar), and makes predictions or conclusions based on this data.

Grade: 8 Technology Integration Research 18 Topic: Research Standard: Uses technology and telecommunications tools to locate, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, apply, and communicate information.


Step: 1 Duration: Teacher Preparation Introduction The Clean Air Campaign is pleased to provide Georgia standards-based air quality unit plans for the 4th through 8th grades. We hope that you will implement the following 8th grade lesson plan and offer your feedback. Teacher input and suggestions will be reviewed and incorporated into future updates of this lesson plan. We look forward to hearing from you at schools@cleanaircampaign.com

Review the Teacher Resource Manual The Teacher Resource Manual provides background information on the lesson topic and other lesson resources which may be used to answer students’

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