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question and facilitate class discussions. Review all steps in this lesson prior to beginning so that you will know what to prepare in advance for your class. Be sure to collect all the items listed in the materials section, and to make transparencies and hand-outs (as attached throughout the lesson) ahead of time.

Note: This lesson is the second in a 8th grade unit focusing on air pollution. In the unit, students will investigate the role that humans play in causing air pollution, the components that make up smog, and the correlation between weather and ground-level ozone. Lesson 1, “Air Pollution in Metro Atlanta and Georgia,” should be completed prior to beginning this lesson. If that is not possible, use the attached Power Point presentation, "Metro Atlanta’s Air Quality," to review the causes of air pollution in metro Atlanta with the class. (As an alternative, this presentation may be viewed on an overhead projector, with transparencies made from the PowerPoint slides). Have students take notes and/or give each student printed copies of the presentation.

Web Resources for Step 1

Title: 8th Grade Teacher Resource Manual URL: http://eeingeorgia.org/content/ee/docs/8th CAC Manual.doc Annotation: The Teacher’s Resource Manual provides background information on the lesson topic and other lesson resources which may be used to answer students’ questions and facilitate class discussions. Please review this manual thoroughly before beginning the lesson. Graphics courtesy of www.epa.gov. Web sites listed in this document are also linked in the Web Resources section at this step.

Title: Ambient Monitoring Program URL: http://www.air.dnr.state.ga.us/amp Annotation: This Web site is hyper-linked in the 8th Grade Teacher Resource Manual attached at this step. It is managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, offers current and recent (past three days) data on concentration levels of major air pollutants.

Title: Ambient Monitoring Program Database Query URL: http://www.air.dnr.state.ga.us/amp/amp query.html Annotation: This Web site is hyper-linked in the 8th Grade Teacher Resource Manual attached at this step. Its interactive database, provided by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, allows users to select a location, date, one of six pollutants, and one of four weather conditions, to obtain data about air quality. Used in lesson 2 of this unit: "Weather and Ground Level Ozone"

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