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Title: Interactive AQI Calculator URL: http://airnow.gov/ Annotation: This Web site is hyper-linked in the 8th Grade Teacher Resource Manual attached at this step. Scroll down to the AQI (Air Quality Index) Calculator on this EPA web site, to easily convert ambient pollution concentrations to index values, or vice versa. This interactive database is used in lesson 1: "Air Pollution in Metro Atlanta and Georgia."

Attachments for Step 1

Title: Metro Atlanta's Air Quality FileName: Metro Atlanta's Air Quality I.ppt Description: This optional PowerPoint presentation provides a review of metro Atlanta’s air pollution problems. It should be seen by the class if lesson 1 in this unit: “Air Pollution in Metro Atlanta and Georgia,” has not been completed. Graphics from Microsoft Office.

Step: 2

Duration: 15 minutes

Give each student a copy of the "Ground Level Ozone and Weather Comparison Worksheet," attached below. Tell students they are going to collect some weather data from a Web site that will allow them to compare the relationship between the seasons, weather conditions, time of day, and ground level ozone formation. Have students individually predict how they think weather conditions such as temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, and wind speed contribute to the formation of ground level ozone. Students should record their predictions on the chart in “Part I: Making Predictions” of the Student Worksheet.

Distribute copies of the Scoring Rubric for students to refer to throughout the lesson. Note that the web resource linked at this step is listed in the Worksheet. This interactive air quality monitoring page provided by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division, Air Protection Branch, will be needed for the next step. It can be used to obtain data regarding weather conditions and ground level ozone readings for several specific locations, on specific dates.

Web Resources for Step 2

Title: Ambient Monitoring Program Interactive Database URL: http://www.air.dnr.state.ga.us/amp/amp query.html Annotation: A link to this Web site is provided in the Ground Level Ozone and Weather Comparison Worksheet attached at this step. This ambient monitoring program database is maintained by

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