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Attachments for Step 5

Title: Ground Level Ozone and Weather FileName: Ground Level Ozone and Weather.ppt Description: Use the attached presentation to discuss the relationships between ground level ozone and weather. Graphics from Microsoft Office.

Step: 6

Duration: 20 minutes

Show and discuss the Power Point presentation, Things You Can Do to Prevent Ground Level Ozone Formation. (Transparencies for an overhead projector can

be made from the presentation prior to the start of class, if no multimedia projection equipment is available).

Attachments for Step 6

Title: Things You Can Do FileName: Things You Can Do.ppt Description: This short presentation describes things students can do to help prevent ground level ozone formation. Source of information: www.epa.gov. Graphics from Microsoft Office.

Step: 7

Duration: 40 - 100 minutes in class and one or two weeks of

homework (plus 75 minutes for optional in-class presentations)

Working in teams of two, have students create an advertising campaign that

educates the public about metro Atlanta’s air pollution problem and what can be done to solve this problem. Students should design three components for their campaigns, such as a brochure, billboard, poster, multimedia presentation, radio or television ad, Web site, skit, or other medium. Encourage students to be creative. Students may refer to The Clean Air Campaign, Georgia Department of Natural Resources or EPA websites for background information. This project may be assigned as homework. Give students one week or two weeks to complete it, depending on the ability levels of your class. Teams can present their work to the

class in the form of a 5 minute presentation (optional). Teachers should assess student learning using the second half of the Scoring Rubric attached at Step 2. Also refer students to this Scoring Rubric (previously distributed at Step 2) as a guideline.

Step: 8

Duration: Teacher Feedback

The Clean Air Campaign is pleased to provide standards-based air quality lesson plans for 4th through 8th grades. Please offer your feedback after implementing

this lesson plan, as there is no substitute for real classroom experience. Send teacher name, school name and address, grade level, lesson name, comments or suggestions, and the number of students who completed the lesson to:

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