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schools@cleanaircampaign.com. Each teacher who responds will receive a Clean Air Campaign goody bag as a 'thank you.'

Materials and Equipment 1. PowerPoint presentations - Ground Level Ozone and Weather and Things You Can Do; attached in steps 5 and 6 2. Transparencies, to be made from PowerPoint presentations for overhead projector, if no multimedia projection equipment is available. 3. Ground Level Ozone and Weather Comparison Worksheet - one per student; attached at step 2

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    Metro Atlanta's Air Quality PowerPoint - optional. See step 1 for details.

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    LCD projector or TV hookup (or overhead projector if no multimedia projection

equipment is available) 6. Scoring Rubric - one per student (attached at step 2)

Standards (Local and/or National) Georgia Performance Standards

6th Grade Science Content Standards S6E5. Students will investigate the scientific view of how the earth’s surface is formed. i. Describe methods for conserving natural resources such as water, soil, and air.

6th Grade Math Data Analysis Standards M6D1. Students will represent and analyze data. a. Construct frequency distributions, tables, and graphs using data. REMARK: M6D1. Graphs should include pictographs, histograms, bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs, line plots, and frequency table

Total Duration 2 – 3 hours in class (plus two homework assignments and 75 minutes for optional ad campaign presentations)

Technology Connection The teacher will use an LCD projector or TV hookup and the attached PowerPoint presentations to discuss the relationships between ground level ozone and weather; and how students can help prevent ground level ozone formation. In lieu of PowerPoint presentation, teacher may make transparencies and show the same images on an overhead projector. Students will use a computer with Internet access to collect and compare web-based data in order to identify relationships between weather and ozone readings.

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