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IT Band Massage

Roller flat side down Position: Skater places side of thigh on top of roller. Find a point of “exquisite tenderness” and STAY there until the pain decreases by 75%. Continue to slide over the roll (moving foam towards knee) until next point of “exquisite tenderness” is found. Continue as above for a total of 4 points. Repetitions: Use as needed for tight/inflexible outer hip or buttocks. Primarily used at the end of a workout. Rational: increases range of motion at the side of the hip. Tight IT Bands can contribute to knee and hip injuries.

Description of Terms: Free Hip – Hip other than the hip of the standing leg Seatbelt – action of engaging lower abdominal muscles or pulling navel to spine and maintaining neutral spine Skating Hip – the hip of the standing leg

Exercise Tips:

  • 1.

    Check with your doctor before starting an exercise program, especially if you have an injury or pain with an exercise.

  • 2.

    Learn the difference between muscle fatigue, and joint pain or muscle strain or pull.

  • 3.

    Keep your stomach muscles pulled in before beginning an exercise (“seatbelt” or belly button pulled in toward spine), keep your free hip lifted, and free leg held in a closed position.

  • 4.

    Work in progression. Perform the exercises with the flat side of the foam roller down. Once you have mastered the exercises place the flat side of the foam roller up.

  • 5.

    Increase difficulty by progressing to rounded side down and/or adding weights, bands or medicine balls.

Debbie Pitsos and Kat Arbour October 2003


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