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pieces and glued them on a cardboard body. Scholar colored one or two organs per day until they were all done and ready to be cut out and glued onto a body about two feet by six inches. This helped the mind to understand how things are laid out.


Bible Study I: Job 10:11 (he hath clothed me with flesh and fenced me with bones and sinew), Job 21:24 (bones are moistened with marrow), Psalm 22:14 (...bones are out of joint), Amos 2:1, Zephaniah 3:3 Bible Study II: Ezekiel 37, the valley of dry bones. The church is dried up today and worldly when she was once alive. Can she live again? Schoolwork: **Model. Introduce and examine our skeletal model. **Axial Skeleton (bones of the axis, main part of the body, you cannot live without this)--skull, vertebrae, thorax (rib cage, breastbone). Axial skeleton supports the head, the neck and the trunk and protects the brain, the spinal cord and the organs in the thorax (lungs, heart, big blood vessels). **Appendicular Skeleton (bones of the limbs held on to the axial skeleton by the pectoral (chest) girdle and pelvic (hip) girdle). Discussed the symmetry and soundness of our bodies. The protection for our organs. The skull and rib cage are fences to hold us together. Consider our ability to move and go from place to place. God made us to move, run, jump, work.

Orientation is Critical

Our main teachings were presented during the first two weeks of school and then were reviewed at various times during the school year. This Orientation formed the foundation of our Science program.

During our Orientation, we studied:

  • outward man/gross anatomy (I used worksheets to see what Hannah knew of gross anatomy (our outward man))

  • bones/skeletal system (I used a model to teach her about our infrastructure (Job 10:11) as well as a cut and paste project. We drew the axial and complete skeleton a number of times during the school year)

  • inwards (We used a large, tabletop model with


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