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other anatomies. When Hannah learned that sheep have 52 vertebrae, she exclaimed, "Wow!" because she knew man only has 26. It also paved the way for future studies in nutrition and medicine.

Attention is the light of the teaching art. Simple teachings, interesting displays, various ways of seeing the same thing, occasional meaningful fieldtrips, pictures, etc. give opportunities to deal with the same handful of facts in different ways. Pictures and models are required here. One can make their own models (sew a heart, liver, lungs, etc. at their approximate size and stuff them into a pillowcase body or make them out of cardboard and let the scholar place them in their approximate positions. One can make their own worksheets, too--free hand or tracing paper. The mind does not require a perfect drawing. Hannah liked my homemade worksheets, etc. best and I think that it may be like that for a lot children.

You can customize your studies. I did not start out with this goal of developing my own materials, but when I looked for suitable materials in the marketplace, I could find none. Generally, publishers are 1) not using publishing materials based on the scriptures and 2) are not publishing intelligent materials for four, five, and six year olds. In junior high and high school there is an emphasis on cramming too many facts into a book. The examples are irrelevant to life (how many baskets did she score in the game? with this allele and that allele what is the probability for blue eyes?). In college, the books are written by people who excelled in irrelevant education and who are trying to make a name for themselves, so their books are worse than the ones they used even though they may be trying to help students. I had to compile my own books. They contained some original teachings and some sound teachings that I found in various sources. I would tear out a page here or an illustration there, write, draw, and research. In the end I would have a whole book.

  • What you will find in this booklet are my own personal notes and sheets consulted in this journey in hopes that these discoveries may be an aid to those seeking and pursuing a truly Biblical scholarship utilizing the Authorized King James Bible. Literally, no other Bible version will work. The Christian reader is advised to (1) closely study Genesis 1:1

    • -

      2:7* and (2) test these things against the scriptures and his own researches. *In studying Genesis 1;1-2:7, I made charts and notes--what was created each day and what brought forth what. I identified the three great domains (they are found throughout the scriptures, e.g., Revelation 14:7). I considered the word FIRMament--what we call space is a substance. I considered the dry land, minerals and Tubal-Cain. I considered heaven and earth (found throughout the scriptures)--depth is a created thing, the

firmament was created on the second day. I considered light and darkness--both of which are substances--and am still doing so. Genesis 1:1-2:7 is as big as all creation but given to us in such a compact and amazing form. God, of a truth, is a teacher infinite in wisdom and power. The Bible itself is a marvel. Out of all the truth to be known, what we need to know has been condensed into a single, exquisite volume.


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