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2009 INTERNATIONA BUILDING CODE Chapter 16 - Summary of changes from the 2006 IBC - page 1 / 3





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2009 INTERNATIONA BUILDING CODE Chapter 16 - Summary of changes from the 2006 IBC

Section 1602 – Definitions and Notations

  • Definition for DECK and BALCONY has been removed.

  • The live load for DECK and BALCONY has been changed to the same live load

as the occupancy served.

Section 1603 – Construction Documents

  • Design load-bearing values of soils required to be indicated in the construction documents including buildings constructed in accordance with the conventional light-frame construction provisions of Section 2308 has been moved from Chapter 18. (Section 1603.1 & 1603.1.5)

  • Section 1603.2 Restrictions on Loading has been removed

  • Section 1603.3 Live Loads Posted has been removed

  • Section 1603.4 Occupancy Permits for Changed Loads has been removed.

Section 1604 – General Design Requirements

  • In Section 1604.8.2, the sub-section title has been changed from “Concrete and Masonry Walls” to “Walls”.

  • The wall anchorage requirements in Section 1604.8.2 has been changed by eliminating the minimum horizontal force of 280 plf and the new minimum anchorage force is based on ASCE 7 Section 11.7.3 which only requires a minimum of 5% of the wall portion’s weight.

  • New language added to Section 1604.8.3 to clarify connection of decks with cantilever framing members to exterior walls or other framing members to be designed for the most critical loading condition.

Section 1605 – Load Combinations

  • The Special Seismic Load Combinations of Section 1605.4 of the 06 IBC has been deleted. The special seismic load combinations with overstrength factor are elaborated in more details in Section 1605.1 of the 09 IBC.

  • New section 1605.1.1 dealing with Stability has been added. It allows using either strength design or allowable stress load combinations to check against overturning, sliding, or buoyancy.

  • In Exception 2 under Section 1605.3.1 and 1605.3.2, roof live loads of 30 psf or less need not be combined with seismic loads is added.

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