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2009 INTERNATIONA BUILDING CODE Chapter 16 - Summary of changes from the 2006 IBC - page 2 / 3





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Section 1607– Live Loads

  • Live loads for balconies has been changed to the same as occupancy served and there is no more distinction between balconies and decks.

  • For Vehicle barrier systems in Section 1607.7.3, a second load condition is added. The 2nd load condition is to analyze the protection system by applying the load at 2 feet, 3 inches from the floor or ramp surface. (The 1st load condition requires the load be applied at 1 foot, 6 inches from the floor or ramp surface.

  • Live load reduction dealing with One-way slabs has been added to reconcile with ASCE 7.

Section 1609– Wind Loads

  • The Alternate All-heights method has been added under Section 1609.6. This is a simplifications of the ASCE 7 Method 2 – Analytical Procedure.

  • The reference to SBCCI SSTD 10 has been changed to ICC 600 for group R-2 and R-3 buildings.

  • Exception 3 under Section 1609.1.1 has been added to allow the use of AISI S230 for residential structures.

  • Exception 6 under Section 1609.1.1 has been added to allow wind tunnel tests in accordance with Section 6.6 of ASCE 7, subject to the limitations in Section


  • New Section 1609.1.1.2 has been added to impose a lower limit on wind loads obtained from wind tunnel tests. The base overturning moments and wind pressure for components and cladding on walls and roofs are typically limited to 80% of the force level determined based on Section 6.5 of ASCE 7.

  • Some changes were made to the protection of openings in wind-borne debris regions in Section 1609.1.2.

Section 1610– Soil Lateral Loads

  • The word “basement” has been removed from Section 1610.1. This section now deals with foundation and retaining walls.

  • If the soil lateral load from Table 1610.1 is not used, the minimum design lateral soil loads shall be determined by a geotechnical investigation in accordance with Section 1803 instead of a soil investigation report.

  • New language added to require foundation walls be designed to support the weight of the full hydrostatic pressure of undrained backfill unless a drainage system is installed in accordance with Section 1805.4.2 and 1805.4.3.

Section 1611– Rain Loads

  • The design rain load based on 100-year hourly rainfall rate and Figure 1611.1

which shows the 1-hour rainfall rate has been added to determine the rain load.

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