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2009 INTERNATIONA BUILDING CODE Chapter 16 - Summary of changes from the 2006 IBC - page 3 / 3





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Section 1612– Flood Loads

  • New Section 1612.3.1 Design Flood Elevation. Where design flood elevations are not included in the flood hazard areas established in Section 1612.3 or where floodways are note designated, the Building Official is authorized to require the applicant to:

    • o

      Obtain and reasonably utilize any design flood elevation and floodway data available from a federal, state, or other source; or

      • o

        Hire a Registered Design Professional to determine the design flood elevation and or floodway in accordance with accepted hydrologic and hydraulic engineering practices.

  • New Section 1612.3.2 Determination of Impacts. In riverine flood hazard areas where design flood elevations are specified but floodways have not been designated, the applicant need to demonstrate that the proposed work will not increase the design flood elevation more than 1 foot.

Section 1613– Earthquake Loads

  • In Section 1613.3 Existing Buildings, the word “modifications” has been changed to “repairs”.

  • In Section 1613.6 Alternatives to ASCE 7, condition number 4 under sub- section 1613.6.1, the portions of wood structural panel diaphragms that cantilever beyond the vertical elements of the lateral-force-resisting system are to be designed in accordance with Section of AF&PA SDPWS instead of Section 2305.2.5 of the IBC. Section 2305.2.5 of the 2006 IBC has been removed.

  • New Section 1613.6.3 Automatic Sprinkler System has been added.

  • New Section 1613.6.4 Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (ACC) Masonry Shear Wall Design Coefficients and System Limitations has been added.

  • New Section 1613.6.5 Seismic Controls for Elevators has been added.

  • Section 1613.6.6 Steel Plate Shear Wall Height Limits has been added. This section was added to modify Section of ASCE 7 to allow the increase of the height limits of Table 12.2-1 for Special Steel Plate Shear Walls from 160 feet to 240 feet for SDC D or E, and from 100 feet to 160 feet for SDC F.

  • New Section 1613.6.7 Minimum Distance for Building Separation has been added. This section was added to restore the minimum building separation distance calculations from the 97 UBC.

  • New Section 1613.6.8 HVAC Ductwork with Ip=1.5 has been added.

  • New Section 1613.7 ASCE 7, Section 11.7.5 has been added. Section 1613.7 was added to modify Section 11.7.5 of ASCE 7 to eliminate the minimum 280 plf horizontal force for connections between the wall and diaphragm.

Section 1614– Structural Integrity

  • This is a brand new section added to the 2009 IBC. It requires high-rise buildings in Occupancy Category III or IV to be tied together in the transverse, longitudinal and vertical direction with elements of certain minimum strength. It’s modeled after ACI 318 for concrete structures.

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