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As of Monday, the experts have been discussing possible solutions to mitigate greenhouse gas exhaust and pleading for an increased use of nuclear energy, the use of modified biofuels and a cut in CO2.

The nuclear energy option, described by defenders as clean, is expected to trigger protests from several international environmental organizations that consider it unsafe and unviable.

For its part, the European Union reiterated the commitment to considerably reduce gas emissions into the atmosphere, while the US continues to reject limits, arguing they are too demanding.

"We want to curb climate change, as it affects our economy and society," said European expert Tom van Ierland.

Meanwhile, China presented an amendment, saying that it will be difficult to make considerable progress if countries with a high emission index fail to manage to reduce it significantly.

It is possible to fight global warming using available technologies to control increasing pollution, as long as governments invest enough to do it, according to scientists.

Other views discussed in the IPCC meeting in Bangkok urged a change in lifestyle in developed countries, as the ideal way to face the impact of the increasing consumption of fossil fuels in modern societies.

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Yomiuri Shimbun: Forum looks beyond Kyoto Protocol / Both developed and developing countries must take measures to tackle global warming

Tokyo University Prof. Ryuji Matsuhashi focused on the history and the current situation surrounding global warming and climate change in considering a potential framework for the post-Kyoto Protocol period in a keynote speech at the recently held "Kyoto Protocol Forum--Efforts to curb global warming."

In the opening address, Fujio Mitarai, chairman of Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren), called for the adoption of drastic measures both in the home and in business to achieve the goals set by the Kyoto Protocol.

The event, which included a panel discussion after Matsuhashi's keynote speech, was organized by Keizai Koho Center (Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs) with the support of Nippon Keidanren. Diet members, diplomats and business people were among the 230 people who attended the forum.

Excerpts from Matsuhashi's speech follow:

The first step to addressing global warming and climate change was taken at the 1988 Group of Seven summit meeting at which major industrialized countries for the first time discussed reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Almost 20 years have passed since then, and the issues of global warming and climate change have become important items, leading to the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol.

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