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And just a couple of things:  one is an appointment that we should just flag for you and another is a clarification.

Robert F. Benson of Canada has been appointed Director of the Ethics Office and began his work on 1 May.  Mr. Benson is a former Interim Ethics Commissioner in the Canadian Parliament and, prior to that, he served as Deputy Ethics Counsellor within the Canadian Government.  There’s a short bio upstairs of him.

Mr. Benson succeeds Ms. Nancy Hurtz-Soyka who has served as Interim Director of the Ethics Office since its inception in early 2006.


And the clarification is in response to some press queries about a meeting that the Secretary-General held on Lebanon two days ago.

The Secretary-General and Ambassador Mohamed Chatah, Senior Adviser to the Lebanese Prime Minister, discussed the proposed establishment of a tribunal of an international character for Lebanon.

Contrary to some reports, at no time did Ambassador Chatah ask if he could attend a meeting of the Security Council.  Accordingly, there was no rejection of such a request.

Ambassador Chatah presented to the Secretary-General the views of the Government of Lebanon regarding the status and prospects for ratifying the tribunal.  He also underlined the commitment of the Lebanese Government to see that the tribunal is established in order to enhance stability and the rule of law in Lebanon.

In response, the Secretary-General briefed Ambassador Chatah on discussions taking place at the United Nations on this issue.

And that’s what I have for you.  We have the General Assembly Spokeswoman here to brief you as well.  But before we turn to her, any questions for me?  Let’s go from the back to the front.

**Questions and Answers

Question:  At the beginning of this week there was a meeting of the Afghan President and Pakistani President in Ankara.  Did the United Nations issue a statement about it and does the UN have a comment about the meeting?

Spokesperson:  I’m sorry.  I didn’t quite hear.  There was a meeting in Ankara?

Question:  Yes.  In Ankara between Afghan President Karzai and Pakistan President Musharraf with the Turkish President.  So I just wonder if the UN issued any statement about the meeting or declaration.

Spokesperson:  No.  We have not.

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