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Question:  Just to follow up on this first of all before I go to my question.  Is there any criteria to decide whether world luminaries who are working on a per-job basis get USG-type compensation or do they get $1 a year?  Who decides which person deserves $1 a year and which person deserves a USG-scale compensation?

Spokesperson:  It’s the Secretary-General ultimately.

Question:  Is there any criteria or is it just pressures?

Spokesperson:  Senior appointments at that level, the Secretary-General, as you know, has, as in the Climate Change Envoys, chosen people of a certain calibre that he can utilize to bring about global consensus.  And for that kind of a job he taps people who may not be necessarily available on a full-time basis and it’s basically an economical way to get his work done.

Question:  And then you get people that are just as prominent like Egeland and working for their Government at the same time, and how come they get USG scale rather than $1?  I mean, you can use the same economical way there?

Spokesperson:  Well, this is part of the negotiations as in any job.

Question:  So the people who get $1 a year are (inaudible)?  But to my real question, this is just to follow up on a question I asked earlier this week, have the auditors in North Korea asked for a visa to enter the country and was that visa accepted or rejected?

Spokesperson:  On that, as you know, there is an audit going on by the external Board of Auditors.  It is still ongoing and so, as long as the process is ongoing, we really can’t comment further on this.  My understanding on your specific question about the visas to North Korea is that the visas were not requested.  And as far as we know they have been doing their work out of New York.  The reason why I say that it is our understanding is because we don’t speak for the external Board of Auditors.  The external Board of Auditors is independent of the Secretariat.  They were asked by the ACABQ to conduct this audit at our request.  So we do really need to pose that question to the external Board of Auditors.

Question:  To follow up on that, would the Secretary-General accept an audit of a country programme if the auditor had not visited the country?  Would it be seen by the Secretary-General as a comprehensive audit?

Spokesperson:  Again, right now the audit process is ongoing.  As long as the audit process is ongoing, we can’t comment on it.  The report has not been submitted to the ACABQ yet.

Question:  If the visa was denied, would the Secretary-General consider pressuring North Korea to grant a visa to auditors?

Spokesperson:  Again, Benny, I think you are asking a hypothetical question because at this point the process is still ongoing.  The Board of Auditors is still working on their report.

Question:  I have two questions:  one is a follow-up on this conversation that’s taken place now between you and Benny.  Do you have a list of people who were hired at $1 a day

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