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with diplomatic immunity who are not being reconsidered for the jobs again because there are some big people who were here who have been rehired?  Is there a list of this from the Secretary-General?  Can we get that list?

Spokesperson:  As I mentioned earlier, the intention was to provide such a list once the review process was complete and we have the whole new line-up.  There are, as you know, some senior officials whose contracts have lapsed and they have not continued.  So taking all of this into consideration, I think the intention is to make this all transparent and available once the review process is complete.

Question:  Since today is World Press Freedom Day, I’d just like to point out that most of the journalists who have been killed in the line of duty have been in Iraq in the last four or five years.  Who is responsible?  Is the Iraqi Government responsible for bringing those people to justice or the Coalition Forces, the occupying forces over there, to bring these people who have been kidnapping the journalists, to bring these people to justice?  Can you tell us about that?  And also I asked about certain attacks taking place in Pakistan.  I had asked about a Secretary-General statement.  I was promised they would look into it, but they never have.

Spokesperson:  I’m sorry.  What is your question about Pakistan?

Question:  I had asked Michele once about when there were attacks against Pakistani newspapers, and does the Secretary-General have something to say?  And she said not at this time, probably later.  And now in Iraq in particular, where most of the kidnappings have taken place, has there been accountability at all of who has been killing the journalists?

Spokesperson:  On your specific question, I will follow up.  I wasn’t aware that this request had been made.  But in terms of how the Secretary-General feels about the freedom of press and journalists, of course he considers a free and secure press to be one of the key ingredients for democracy and peace.  Your question about Iraq, it sounds to me it requires a legal answer.  I’d have to find that out for you.

Question:  But the only thing is do you know, you don’t necessarily have to have this answer right now, do you know if the Iraqi Government or the Coalition Forces, out of dozens of kidnappings of journalists and beheadings, were they ever able to apprehend the people who did commit these crimes?

Spokesperson:  I’d have to check with our Mission there to see if they have any first-hand information.  But as for your general question about who is responsible for the protection of their citizens, and which is in this case Iraq, it is usually the country which is responsible for the protection of their citizens.

Question:  (inaudible) there was no comment in Iraq (inaudible)?

Spokesperson:  We’ll check with UNAMI, we’ll check with our Mission in Iraq and get back to you if there’s anything more on this.

Question:  Who is responsible for this in Gaza?

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