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Question:  Going back to Iraq, does the Secretary-General have any intention to announce an increase of the UN presence in Iraq in the framework of the Iraq Compact Group and all the talk that’s taking place in Sharm el-Sheikh?

Spokesperson:  I think he’s answered this on a number of occasions.  The security concerns in Iraq are very much on his mind.  And if he and the experts feel that the security conditions are right, then there is nothing more the Secretary-General would like than to be in Iraq to help the people of Iraq.

Question:  But in the framework of this conference taking place on Iraq, can (inaudible)

Spokesperson:  No.  This is, as he pointed out, setting the groundwork for the future.

Question:  Two questions:  one is that the UN nuclear conference today failed over Iranian objectives.  What does the UN have to say about this?  And my second question is that in the Danish press today, there were calls to the UN to (inaudible) the move with the “oil-for-food” scandal by the UN.  As they say in the Danish press, the UN has stopped investigating.  Can you say something on that, too, please?

Spokesperson:  On your second question, I’m not familiar with this press report, so we’d have to look at it before.  I don’t quite understand the context that it’s coming from.  Your first question was about the NPT Conference in Vienna.  My understanding of that is it’s one of the preliminary conferences in a long process and our understanding is that it’s a process that is ongoing and will be resuming shortly.  But it is a lead-up to something that will be happening quite a ways down, so let’s see what happens.

Question:  I just have a follow-up question related to the DESA investigation.  I don’t know if you have an answer today but it would be helpful to have it tomorrow.  There is a rumour out there that Guido Bertucci, who heads the Division of Administration, is going to be retiring soon.  And the question is, how might this impact on the investigation?  If he retires, does that mean it ends?  Does it continue?  Do they hold off his retirement?  I mean we had some precedence, like Alexander Yakovlev and Benon Sevan in which they were allowed to retire with their pension and everything intact.  What becomes of the investigation?  And also, there’s talk out there that, even though there were recommendations made to DESA on how to fix things within their shop, those recommendations were not being followed.  Do you have any follow-up on that?

Spokesperson:  I have nothing further on this today, so I’d have to look into it for you.

[The Deputy Spokesperson later added that Bertucci’s retirement was not until July 2008.]

Question:  I understand that the Lebanese Mission had requested to attend yesterday’s meeting of the Security Council.  Are they not aware about the regulations regarding closed meetings of the Security Council?

Spokesperson:  I just read you a clarification on your precise question, so if you could pick it up, or I can give it to you after this.

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