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Spring compressed e.g. VW Golf IV


Tools for Changing Springs and Shock Absorbers

KL-0016 Spring Compressor


For wishbone (front and rear axles) e.g. rear axle on BMW 8 series inkl. Pair of Pressure Plates Size 0.

This spring compressor allows replacement of the coil springs without the need to dismantle the rear axle.

The patented 3-point interlock ensures safe function of the tool.

Extension: 25-270 mm; Working travel: 245 mm; Max. load 20 000 N.


Pair of pressure plates KL-0016-1 for Mercedes W124/W201 Pair of pressure plates KL-0016-2 for Mercedes W123/W126

Jaguar XJ-6

KL-0016-5 Spring Compressor (not illustrated)

As KL-0016 but with 1 pair Pressure Plates size 1 (KL-0016-1). Suitable for Mercedes W124; W201.

Accessories: KL-0016-2 Pressure Plates size 2 ( For MB W123; W126).

KL-0026 Spring Compressor

For Jaguar XJ-6.

This spring compressor allows front springs to be removed and replaced quickly and safely. One-man operation - automatically adjusts to extreme spring-curvature.

Aston Martin / Jaguar

KL-0027 Spring Compressor

For Jaguar XJ-S and Aston Martin.

The compressing technique allows quick and safe replacement of front springs, together with easy alignment of the bottom spring plate to

lower wishbone holes.

KL-0006-2 Spring Compressor (Pair)

Allows the compressing of the spring at the car, so the strut can be taken out without dismounting the bearing housing.

This is important on the front axle of VW vehicles and on the rear axle

of Ford Mondeo, etc. Especially suitable for:

Time saving: .....1 - 2 hours


  • Step bearing suspension strut replacement

    • e.

      g. VW Golf IV

Thanks to the spring compressor KL-0006-2 the step bearing suspension strut can be replaced inside the vehicle in a few minutes without having to remove and re-install the suspension strut.

Expenditure of time about 15 minutes; Time saving about 1 hour.

  • Spring and shock unit removal and installation.

    • e.

      g. VW Golf IV

By using the spring compressor KL-0006-2 springs can be compressed inside the vehicle without having to remove the axle box case/cardan shaft. In this way when the shock unit clamping hole has been opened by means of the expander KL-0104-21, the spring and shock unit can be easily taken out of the clamping hole.

Expenditure of time about 10 minutes; Time saving about 30 minutes.

Maximum Load: ..... 8 000 N

Compression Lenght:...65-200 mm

The spindles are equipped with contra-rotating threads which eliminate the risk of slipping round the spring. (Not suitable for use on Mercedes springs.)

Note: Refer to page 1-02 to see spring compressors for spring removal. Two part spring compressors without safety loop are not authorized in workshops.

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