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Tools for Changing Springs and Shock Absorbers

The new Stationary KLANN Spring Compressor KL-5501 !!!!!

  • Universal use for all MacPherson- and Semi-Struts!

    • E.

      g. with standard springs, right or left winded springs, excentrical springs or spring plates, conical springs, springs with small number of windings, high or different steepness of the coil winding.

As the spring is compressed with the upper spring plate in direction to the lower spring plate, neither are the shape nor the steepness of the coil windings of any interest.

  • No further accessories needed!

Due to the special design of the jaws, the radial arms, respectively the swivelling bar, all the above mentioned Struts and Semi-Struts can be compressed without any additional accessories.

  • No damage to the Strut tube!

The special strut vise can be adjusted, through a knurled nut, quick and easy up to the correct diameter of the strut tube. (The tensioning bars should be parallel to each other). The clamping jaws are equipped with protective inserts.

  • One-Man-Operation! The whole working operation can be done by one man only!

    • The Strut tube fixation unit is equipped with a quick locking and one-hand-operation device.

  • Mobile due to the workshop trolley!

The Stationary Spring Compressor is equipped with a fixation plate that allows to fix the Spring Compressor on a workshop trolley or a workbench

In combination with a workshop trolley it is possible to work beside the car.

Security drive hex 24 mm


(German Utility Model)

Variable adjustability of the Spring plate jaws

Workshop trolley KL-4999-100 (optional)

Fine adjustment for Semi-Strut fixation unit

Clamping jaws with protective inserts

Clamping jaw fixation with one-hand-operation device

Adjustable Support with fine adjustment

Fine adjustment for positioning the Piston rod, e.g. for very excentric springs.


Copyright KLANN-Spezial-Werkzeugbau-GmbH 4.E1


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