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such action is taken, the incident will be reported to the Vice Provost for Research for further action.


All reported concerns, and the IACUC’s findings will be detailed in the semi-annual report to the Institutional Official.


Make written recommendations to Dr. Douglas Causey, Vice Provost, regarding any aspect of the institution's animal program, facilities, or personnel training.    


Written recommendations are included in the semiannual reports unless the situation warrants immediate action, in which case the proper authorities will be engaged immediately. Recommendations to the Institutional Official will include an explanation of the problem, an evaluation of the problem’s seriousness, and suggestions for correction of the problem.


Conduct a Full Committee Review or Designated Member Review to approve, require modifications in (to secure approval), or withhold approval of those activities related to the care and use of animals as set forth in the PHS Policy at IV.C.  


The IACUC will review all work that involves use of vertebrate animals, or their tissues, in teaching or research. Researchers involved in such activities must complete a protocol review form that completely describes the proposed use of animals or their tissue, and submit the form electronically to the IACUC chair.


The protocol review form covers topics such as the numbers and types of animals to be used, the scientific justifying for the use, demonstration via literature review and text that the researcher has considered all alternative measures, and has selected the most appropriate species, numbers, and procedures (the 3 Rs), information on the housing and care of animals, information on the training and experience of all involved personnel, details on all procedures to be conducted on animals, methods to control physical or psychological distress, pain managements, methods of euthanasia, time course for the acquisition and disposal of the animals, and a statement from the researcher or teacher indicating a working knowledge and willingness to adhere to the relevant principles within the Guide and to University Policy.


Submitted protocols will be distributed to all committee members prior to meetings where protocols will be reviewed by the IACUC. At the meeting, the decision to approve or to require modifications will be made, and recommendations for modification made to the researcher in a timely manner. If the description of the animal activity is not clearly understandable by the general membership of the IACUC, advice from knowledgeable third party experts or the PI will be obtained to assist in decisions.


Approval of animal use proposals will be determined by a favorable vote from a majority of IACUC members provided a quorum is present. An IACUC member is not allowed to vote on their own proposal, but can provide advice to the committee. The IACUC meets monthly, so at most,


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