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BOX 1: The self-evaluation of personal skills in the context of brainstorming: the case of Lizzie.

We asked the learner to evaluate her own skills and abilities in the context of brainstorming activities undertaken in the class. Her responses were analysed using the Dynamic Concept Analysis computer program and the model below reflects her personal skills and defines interrelationships among the concepts (See Model 1 below) . Lizzie generally perceives brainstorming as a useful classroom activity. She argues that participation in the brainstorming enabled her to develop the communication skills (2a), as she was encouraged to ‘voice her ideas’, even if she was not sure herself whether her ‘ideas fit into the general topic’ of the brainstorming. She feels that this contributes to the development of her confidence and self-assurance (1a). She argues, however, that the pace of the brainstorming activities is too intensive, and this does not fully facilitate the development of her decision-making skills (3n). Lizzie maintains that the intensive pace of the brainstorming ‘does not give her much time to make informed decisions’. She feels that teamwork skills (5b) are not facilitated through this specific activity, as the learners are expected to make their own assumptions and to voice their own ideas. However, as the model shows, low deployment and use of teamwork skills (5b) encourages her to ‘speak for herself and to give her own ideas’, thus contributing to the higher levels of her communication skills (2a) and confidence (1a). Lizzie feels that the self-learning skills are not facilitated through this activity (4b), and this made her realise that she has to develop her self-learning skills through other classroom activities, for example researching or reading.



1a high

2a high

Decision-making 3n medium

Teamwork 5b low

Self-Learning 4b low

Model 1. Lizzie’s case: self-evaluation of personal competences in the context of brainstorming


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