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education on the one hand and postgraduate vocational and professional education on the other, as with the ‘Early career learning’ project previously described (page 48). Our work will inform policies and practices such as whether to make assessment more differentiated and on whether A levels are challenging enough, a concern expressed in the White Paper.

The project on disabled students will provide much-needed evidence about the changing student populations in various forms of higher education and the changing need for different forms of teaching and learning. In particular, the researchers are investigating the extent to which educational forms themselves create the conditions for limiting or enhancing social forms of learning.

TLRP’s seven projects on widening participation in higher education will increase our understanding of important factors affecting 14-19 year olds as outlined in the Tomlinson report. They will shed light upon how to promote new forms of learning and teaching for students in subjects learnt by 14 – 19 year olds. They will address the question of how to transform educational opportunities for students who have not traditionally seen higher education as a route through to further employment or to educational or training opportunities. Across this latest TLRP investment, issues of ability and disability, class, ethnicity, race, gender and sexuality are likely to be of central importance. Evidence on them will help build our understanding about ways of transforming higher education and its links to further education.

The project on problem-based learning in higher education and continuing professional education can contribute to our learning about approaches to learning and practice within professional areas that overlap with vocational topics and issues. The Learning to Perform project also enhances our learning and understanding here, and is dealt with in more depth below.


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