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Goal 2:  To establish a system of care connecting all components of the EHDI community to ensure infants with a refer on newborn hearing screening are not lost to follow-up through improved communication protocols.

2.1 By the end of 2008, each birthing facility’s current communication protocol regarding screening outcomes and plan of care for parents will be compared with current EHDI recommendations.

2.2By the end of 2008, the EHDI Program will facilitate the development of a consistent system for communication between the birthing facility and the primary care providers.

2.3 By the beginning of 2009, the EHDI Program will facilitate the development of a communication system among the audiologists, primary care providers, EI/ILP Programs, and other service programs.

2.4By the end of 2009, the EHDI Program will develop a communication system for parents and referral sources.

The State of Alaska’s Newborn Hearing Screening regulations require hearing screeners to have a communication system for notifying parents and primary care providers of the results of the hearing screening.  The EHDI Program staff will contact all birth screen providers for an account of how they transmit screening outcome information to families and primary care providers.  The EHDI Program staff will work with hearing screen providers to improve their existing system and meet State EHDI regulations.  A model for improvement, using the PDSA Cycle will be developed to test the hearing screen provider’s system and compare the rate of loss to follow-up on a quarterly basis. As a second facet of this model for improvement, a survey will be developed to determine if primary care providers know where to look for the results of birth screening.

The pediatric audiology group in Anchorage, that also serves outlying communities, is interested in testing a fax-back system to improve communication among audiology, the primary care provider and early intervention.  A copy of the fax will be sent to the State EHDI Program to check the communication against the data in the data base.  This quality improvement model will provide information on successful follow-up to audiology, consistent with EHDI 1-3-6 National Goals.

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