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Absent: Jared Chastain, Geno Phillips, Brian Baker, Linda Andreae, George Skonberg, Carol Williams - page 1 / 3





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Chattanooga Track Club Board of Directors Meeting Minutes May 3, 2005

In attendance: Bill Brock, Donna Dravland, Melodie Thompson, Bob Braddock, Virginia Waddell, John Walker, Dan Bailey, Connie Hall, Jeff Duncan

Absent: Jared Chastain, Geno Phillips, Brian Baker, Linda Andreae, George Skonberg, Carol Williams

The meeting was called to order by Bill Brock at 6:04. The mission statement was read by Jeff Duncan.

Bill summarized the minutes from the April meeting. The minutes were approved. Bill questioned the amount for the sustaining fund. He thought the Hand Foundation donation was $2,500. Virginia will check minutes from last year for the amount.

Race Calendar Race Committee / Upcoming Races Bob began with a letter from Mary Carpenter requesting the CTC’s participation with the Gateway Run and also requesting that the race be added to ROY races. Bob made suggestion that we need to look at our definition of ROY events. If we want to add other races, we need to change the rules – there are events now listed as ROY races that are not CTC events. Jeff asked for the definition of a CTC event. This topic was discussed again…getting back to the place that our events should be quality events… John suggested that we begin changing toward KTC’s model and support our own events. Jeff mentioned that the KTC has other ways of winning awards at the end of the year; they have “triple crown” and also a raffle for an award for all race participants. Bill suggested that we get a group together to decide and formalize the ROY award. We should be compensated in return for the inclusion on our awards list. Bob commented that it will be awkward to sell the CTC as other than a charitable organization. Jeff suggested that a group form to address some issues and consider awards given by the club. John noted that the committee needs to keep in mind what is good for CTC, no just which races are good races. Bob will get subcommittee together for awards / incentives. Things included for discussion by this group are ROY, what races are included, and weights given to each race. Connie added that we need definition of CTC races and she needs to know who to bill for equipment, etc.

We then revisited the split of the proceeds of the Chickamauga Marathon. The races committee had assumed a 50/50 split – this was corrected -- it had been agreed a couple years ago to support the UTC Track team with the marathon proceeds and last year we agreed to split the proceeds 50/50 with UTC. But this has been a year-to-year decision; in no case was this to be an ongoing practice.

Bob questioned putting discounted memberships on the marathon application since it is late in the year. Jeff bought up calendar year versus rolling renewal dates. There were questions of discounted memberships and discounted races. Bill stated that until we get recommendations from the race committee on this subject. There was a motion made and approved to place a moratorium on discounted membership until the race committee makes a decision.

Course Closings – There is a need to determine closings and check points. John suggested that the RRCA is likely to have something on this issue.

Karen Lawrence – Bob asked if we want to have this relationship and not make money on the race. Connie suggested that we need to make some decisions on races and our support or involvement and have something in writing. Bill asked that we draft some type of document. Jeff, Virginia and Bill will work on this. Bob will get input from the Race Committee.

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