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Absent: Jared Chastain, Geno Phillips, Brian Baker, Linda Andreae, George Skonberg, Carol Williams - page 2 / 3





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Equipment 3 functional clocks Donna made suggestions for finish line – PVC finish line. James can make. Insurance for equipment – $1,000 deductible KTC model - $75 rental with $75 equipment damage deposit The question of whether the director should have to pay for the damage was brought up. If we have a contract, we have the option of asking the director to pay, if we have no contract, we have anything no options. Jeff gave two points – 1) the director is not liable, the race should be liable. 2) An agreement should be signed but the agreement should be reviewed by an attorney.

Communications Calendar / Communications Committee Melodie gave a review of events – past and future. Next web meeting is 5/10/05. Program proposal - picnic at River Park. Melodie will put something in JA. There were 21 people in attendance at the Fun Run. There were door prizes, etc. It was very successful.

SORBA Expo will be at First TN Pavilion on Fathers Day. They would like other non-profits to have booths. UnumProvident is also having an expo for “Fitness Day” and we will have a booth there. Donna has found some CTC apparel boxed up. Donna asked if it would be okay to give a t-shirt away at the UnumProvident booth through a drawing. Everyone said that was okay.

Cindy Smith would like to be on the CTC Board of Directors. Melodie made a motion to elect Cindy Smith to the Board. The motion was approved and passed.

Sponsorship Linda had sent an email stating that she would like to get a response from BCBS before anything else is done.

Membership There are 346 members.

Treasurers Report There is $5,401 in the checking account and $24,000 in the savings account. We will have to dip into our savings. If the BCBS sponsorship comes through, we will be in good shape. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Other Business Bill went over parameters for the Endowment Fund from George’s notes. He will pick a fund, there will be a written policy on withdrawals and the sustaining fund will be used for general purposes. Bob asked if donations would be tax deductible. It was noted that we would need to send a receipt and keep a copy for our records. George will come with a proposal next meeting. Next board meeting will be Tuesday, May 3, 2005.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:29.

Respectfully Submitted, Virginia Waddell, Secretary

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