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1.David Williams of Maes-y-Quarry, p. Bettws, co. Carm., gent., and John Williams of Maes-y-Quarry, gent., son and heir of David Williams, and Elizabeth his wife, late Elizabeth Jones of Ynystawhog, p. Llangefelach, co. Glam.

2.William Jones of Ynystawhog, gent.; and Richard Pryce of Rhydarwen, p. Llanarthne, co. Carm., gent.

POST-NUPTIAL SETTLEMENT of a m. known as Maes-y-quarry, Tir-y-Mayson, Erw-ddu, Tir-y-lan, Tir David Hopkin Da Llwyd, Tir Brynhynydd; a m. and garden called Brynhynydd, all in p. BETWS, co. Carm.

Also a m., tmt and lands called Tir Evan Gall or Tir Anne Gall, p. LLANDYBIE, co. Carm., and other pieces of land (occupants named) in p. BETWS and LLANDYBIE, co. Carm.

3 seals

[See 410]


1773, July 20

1.Jane Warren of Longridge, co. Pemb., spinster.

2.Sir Basil Keith, kt, Governor of Jamaica.

3.The Hon. Henry Drummond of Charing Cross in the liberty of Westminster, Middlesex, esq.; and The Hon. Robert Drummond of Charing Cross, aforesaid.

PRE-NUPTIAL SETTLEMENT on the marriage of 1 and 2.  3 to act as trustees of one moiety or half part of the m’s known as Glyn-y-felin, Gilfach Gwason, Blaen Pybydd, all in p. CILRHEDYN, cos Carm. and Pemb., in trust for 1 and her heirs.

Recital of a bond in £800 between the said Jane Warren and William Saunders dated 14 May 1773 for the repayment of £400 with interest; and of a treaty of agreement of the said marriage.


1773, July 21

1.Jane Warren of Longridge, co. Pemb., spinster.

2.Stephen Colby of Ffinone, co. Pemb., esq.; and James Hubbald of Greville Street, Hatton Garden, Middlesex, esq.

LEASE for one year of m’s, known as Caer Aeron, Tre-Henry, Tre-fawr, and Cefn-ddu; and also the mill called Pont-y-tafel Mill, all in p’s LLANFYRNACH and [  ], co. Pemb.; a moiety of m’s, known as Rhyd-y-cath, Parc Gwynn, Pant-y-Gwyddil, Ffynnon-deg, and Pant-y-Croesor, and a mill called Melin-y-coed or otherwise known as Llanfyrnach Mill, all in the said p’s LLANFYRNACH and [   ], co. Pemb.; m’s known as Blaen Hevern, Ffynnonen Cleyfon otherwise known as Tir Berber Blaen-y-rhyd, Blaen pant Saeson, and Troed-y-rhiw, all in p. PENRHYDD, co. Pemb.; m’s known as Pant Evan Starr and Gwern Eved and other pieces of land (occupants named in p. CLYDEY; a moiety of the m. known as Henry Willin or Hendre Willin and Hafod in p. CLYDEY, co. Pemb.; m’s known as Pen-y-rhiwllwyn and Pen-yr-allt-ddu, and the mill called Pedran Mill and the lands belonging thereto in p’s CILRHEDYN and CILGERRAN, cos Pemb. and Carm.; also m’s in Close, Fron Blaen yr Annell, Pen-yr-Allt and Dan-yr-allt in p. CILGERRAN, co. Pemb.; houses and fields in p. CILGERRAN (occupants named); one moiety of the lands in Parc-y-rhos, in p. CILGERRAN; the m. known as Little Vaynor

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