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SC Law No. 04-CC-ConsultRFPRequest for Proposals for Consultant

Advertised: May 27, 2004Services, Software and Hardware and

Issued:                    Installation

action for each, with a proposed cost, as part of the proposal.


In completing the Functional Specifications for components of the baseline system in the Functional Specifications Table, respondents must provide references to where the system provides the capability in terms of (a) training manual name and page number, (b) screen name or number; and/or (c) report name and or number, and must indicate whether the support is fully available or partially available.


Assurance Statement

(a)Respondents must provide a statement affirming and assuring that the Consultant’s recommended system can and will meet each of the College's requirements, as listed in this section and in the Functional Specifications.

(b)Each exception to the Assurance Statement must be detailed.

2.  Project Principles

The College seeks to select a consultant and products that will enable it to implement the solution under these principles.  For each of the following the Consultant must indicate that it will adhere to the principle:

a.To the extent possible, there will be a centralized system approach to implementation.

b.System maintenance will be managed centrally.

c.There will be no desk top clients to be maintained.

d.Primary systems will be run against a single data base.

e.The software design will incorporate best business practices.  In addition, respondents must provide illustrations of best business practices for each of the following:

i.Financial aid determination;

ii.Refund processing;

iii.Admissions processing; and

iv.Systems administration.

f.The expectation is that the installation will be a “vanilla” system, with minimal customizations.  The goal is to work within the configuration of the software proposed with no

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