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SC Law No. 04-CC-ConsultRFPRequest for Proposals for Consultant

Advertised: May 27, 2004Services, Software and Hardware and

Issued:                    Installation

changing their majors or using a program from a more current college catalog;

(d)It runs on-line on terminals at staff desks, and

(e)It maintains historic catalog information that allows the college to analyze courses taken and their relationships to programs offered to determine degree eligibility.

ii.SAIN is deeply integrated into much of the College's student information system.

(a)SAIN supports students through the advisement, registration, financial aid, bill payment and graduation processes.  

(b)There remain few core systems at the College today that do not use SAIN in some way to add value to the presentation of their data.

iii.SAIN supports the College’s financial aid system.

(a)It warns students—at the time of registration—that certain courses may not qualify for financial aid.

(b)It alerts students that they will be personally liable for a portion of their bill.

(c)It enables financial aid counselors to do the following:

(i)See a real-time comparison of the number of credits a student was enrolled in versus how many were “aid-able” (i.e., contributed toward graduation and therefore could be credited for aid purposes).

(ii)Generates reporting capability that allows financial aid counselors to proactively resolve conflicts in student scheduling and maximize aid received at the institution.

iv.SAIN supports the Registration process.

(a)As a student is registering, SAIN advises the student (via a status code)  if each class qualifies for graduation.  

(b)SAIN flags each course that does not meet program requirements on the student schedule and bill, which tells the student to check with their advisor, the Financial Aid office or to register for another class.  

iv.SAIN supports Degree Audit (Eligibity for Graduation).

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