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Student Records System


Prospects Development and Admissions:  Through CARS (now Jenzabar), the system provides prospect and admissions management, including a customized communication/tickler package based upon an individual’s interest and the timeframe of first contact.  A student prospect record is created when a student first inquires to the College.  Prospect records may also be created from various other sources, including tapes of Suffolk County’s juniors and graduating seniors.  Students’ interests and applications are monitored from inquiry through enrollment.  The CARS system includes prospect and admission records.  Admission and history records are created and maintained on the mainframe via the CARS system in batch.  Students can apply via the web or using a paper application.  See CARS section for additional information.

Maintenance of Student Status:  All students require a history record, which functions as the main depository of financial and academic profile information from application through graduation.  Student History records are created as noted above for matriculated students and created using the applications listed below for non-matriculated students.  A student’s history record contains many fields identifying a student’s current and previous status maintained by on-line and batch applications.   See the applications below for the types of information kept in the history record.    

Upon record creation, a student is assigned an identification (ID) number which functions as a non-social security number identifier for access to system information and for use with ancillary applications such as the SUNY Library System, computer lab access and access to student records via the web (MySCCC).  ID number assignment is based upon the rules established by SUNY for the library project.  While the numbers are system generated, they must integrate with the existing database kept within the SUNY Library System.  The ID Number File is integrated with the ID Works card production system.

Many systems use and update information in the History record.  Transfer course equivalents, encumbrances and blocks, and matriculation status (through the grade posting process) are maintained in bulk by batch processes.  Individual statuses are maintained interactively by the applications listed below, including the processing of individual transaction records using the Master File Edit and Update procedure.

A student’s course history is kept in the course file within the Registration system.

Student Records Applications:

CSHR, USHR, USH2 – Creates or updates an Historical Record.   All individuals within the Administrative System need historical records.  Historical Records keep profile information, financial information (i.e. one time fee status like grad fee, testing fee and  application fee), current academic information (SAIN waiver substitution,

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