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current cum and curriculum, original and current matriculation code with dates), current PIN, current block status and encumbrance status, high school information and scores, immunization status, etc.

ADMA/ADMU – Creates an Admissions record.  The functionality of this application has been superceded by the CARS Admissions Module.  Admissions Records are now created and updated on the CARS system and uploaded to the Admissions file and History file.  This is a batch process that is to be updated to an on-line interface.  

HEAL – Updates student’s immunization information.

MATR Updates a Student’s current matriculation code/status.

BLOC/ENCU – Updates block and encumbrance status.  The College has various types of encumbrances, each managed by specific areas.  These include Security, Student Affairs (Deans), Business Offices and Library.  Registration blocks are managed by the Deans of Faculty, Financial Affairs or the College Nurse (for lack of immunization compliance).

WAIV – Modify Automatic Judgments for Financial Aid “Lack of Progress,” Waive fees (placement testing, vehicle registration).

GRAD SAIN – provides information for evaluation of progress toward graduation and prints reports of graduation status.  Graduation procedure:  “Eligible” student list is generated for Central Records to review, students are evaluated individually using GRAD SAIN, those that look good receive a letter notifying them they may be eligible for graduation, students apply and are added to Grad file (XPIN).  After grades are posted, Central Records reviews students applications, posts graduation and a file is produced to be used for the printed brochure.

DENT - Utility that creates transaction records for various applications.  These will update either the history, course or student accounts files during the master file edit/update batch run.  Transactions include change of grades, change of social security number, etc.

IDSS - Application that cross references ID number and social security number.  It is used as an end-user CICS screen and a subroutine accessed by other main frame programs.

Computer Center Mainframe System Runs:

CARS to Admissions Batch – Creates and updates Mainframe information from CARS records.

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