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Date Entry Error Reports – (1) Lists problems with CARS to Admissions Batch update resulting from data mismatches.  (2) Lists data entry errors within CARS system.

Zip+4 Address Corrections Batch

Weekly Master File Update – Updates historical record information (Name, social security number, Transaction Updates) from transaction records created in DENT.

Transfer Course Equivalents Download to Web – Updates list of transfer courses from various institutions and their equivalent course at the College; available to students and prospective students via the web.

Admissions Status Cards and Labels – Generates folder, standard mailing labels and tracking cards for use by Admissions.

Transcripts – Produces official transcripts to be mailed to various colleges and employers as requested by students.

Email/Active Directory Download – periodic download of current students for the automatic generation of network access accounts.

Lab Sign-in Course Download – periodic download of MS SQL table used in MS Access application that tracks student use of academic computing labs for FTE reimbursement.

LAIP ID Number Download – Periodic download of active patron information to be uploaded into the SUNY Library System.

INS/SEVIS Report – New report on status of foreign students’ status.

Weekly Admissions Report (to XPIN) – Status report of admissions numbers.

Cumulative Admission Report – Status report of admissions numbers.

Batch Block - Application of various blocks to a student’s records from processes such as grade posting.

Library Encumbrance Run – Application of library encumbrances to student’s records.

Heal Batch Block – Application of immunization block from HEAL information.

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