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CARS Admissions Module


Inquiry: Creates and updates an inquiry record for individuals who have requested information from the College or who have been identified as prospects from various electronic sources.  Keeps tracking information of contacts and material sent as a result of inquiry

Admissions:  Creates and maintains an admissions record from a paper application (manual entry) or Web Application (automatic entry) after review for accuracy by admissions staff.  Keeps tracking information on contacts and material sent to applicant and any missing material and stores various admissions statuses through the evaluation stage.  

Contact Management:  Prospects and applicants progress through the system via a series of contacts.  These represent items sent to students, received from students and evaluations performed either manually or automatically.   The process essentially generates a transaction file.  These records are evaluated, resulting in changes to an individual’s record, such as an update of an applicant’s admissions status for applied to accepted.

Communications Management:  Manages contacts sent to individuals who inquire or apply to the College.  Plans are customized by curriculum, high school/post-high school status and available time between initial inquiry/application and the start of the semester.  The application generates files of data to merge with various MS Word letters to produce material sent to prospects and applicants.  The creation of merge files is done by the Admissions offices.  Letters and mailings are originated in the Admissions office.  Any additional items, such as curriculum brochures, are listed for inclusion in the mailing.

Reporting: Runs various on-line reports available within the Inquiry and Admissions populations from menu selections.  Reports are available within admissions offices and allow the entry of various parameters.  Reports are designed by the Computer Center.

Cognos Ad-hoc Reporting Tool – Periodic and Ad-hoc reports created and run by Central Admissions.

MS Query Reporting – Periodic and ad-hoc data extractions imported into MS Excel for data analysis and report generation.

CARS Computer Center Support Activity:

Semester Registration Status Batch – Back feed of registration status into CARS status field.  

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