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Academic Affairs


Master Schedule Production:  The main function of the Academic System is the creation of the Master Schedule for upcoming semesters.  Several months before registration begins, schedules are rolled over from the previous semester.  Departments work from this file, verifying course offerings, adding new or deleting prior offerings as needed; and updating instructor, dates, times and rooms for each section.  Information is downloaded from this file and added to course, program and boiler-plate descriptions to produce various registration publications.  Non-credit course information for brochures are not derived from the Master Schedule as non-credit courses are not entered early in the process.  Non-credit course information for publications is provided directly by the department.  

Master Schedule Information contains course credits, ancillary fees, seat limits, and prerequisite information.  It is used within the Registration System to produce registration records for students, which are stored within the schedule and roster files.  

Files contributing to the Academic System include PERS (personal records), Catalog table (list of the course catalog for a particular year) and the legal rooms table.  The latter references locations by room number, building and campus.  The combination of each provides a unique location; however, the room numbers themselves (which are the main location designator within the master schedule) are not unique.  For example there are buildings with the “H” designation on both the Ammerman and Grant Campuses.  As a result, there may be may two classes scheduled for room H100 at a particular time - one on the Ammerman Campus and one on the Grant Campus.  

Academic Affairs Applications:

MSOL  - Maintains class schedule.  Verifies previous sections after roll-over, adds new sections and deletes sections.  Assigns instructors and rooms.  Creates MSCHED for the particular semester which procudes the semester room book.  Does not show conflicts in room use.  Conflicts show up when Room Book batch report is run.  Some conflicts are not errors (i.e. combined sections).

INST – Inquiry program to show instructor schedule, both overload and normal.

ROOMS– Inquiry of Available Rooms by Semester , Day and Times.

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