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Business Office System


Billing:  The core component of this system is Student Accounts, which is a table of transactions that adds account debits or credits.  For semester items, students are assessed a semester bill based upon the registration record of credits and course based fees.  Semester bills are currently paid using the application CFUP.  Semester bills can be paid in person or using one of the College’s automated payment systems (telephone, Web, or mail-in lockbox.)  In-person payment is integrated to student accounts by a point-of-sales cashiering system (the SalePoint J-Point application).  Non-semester items also appear as transactions within Student Accounts.  These include traffic fines, outstanding charges from prior semesters, one time fees (application fees, CLEP fees, etc.), late fees, tuition payment fees and bounced check fees.  These use the applications SAUP and TVUP listed below and may only be paid in person.  Assessment of a student bill includes an interactive connection to Financial Aid and the application of an assortment of rules based upon things such as in/out of county status, course insurance requirements, Full or Part-time status, senior citizen status, etc.


CFUP – Inquiry and Pay Semesters bill.  This is based on an existing invoice created via Sched/Bill.

SAUP – Inquiry and Payment of roll-over charges from previous semesters and one-time fines/charges.

TVUP – Inquiry and payment of traffic violations.

PLAT -  Inquiry and update of license plate for individual students.

Sched/Bill – On-line list of a student’s current classes and current semester bill.  Calculates the bill and generates an invoice from credits taken, lab and other fees and any exceptions to the standard rules.  The invoice is what a student pays against in CFUP.  Also will recalculate bill based on a request to use the TPP.  The on-line version is also called as a subroutine in the Web payment applications to allow payment and invoice generation.  Batch version is used to print sched/bills for mailing.  

Business Office System Runs:

Tuition and Fee Update

Verification of Tuition and Fee update to Financial Affairs (New) – Report back to Financial Affairs showing tuition and fees data within the system for validation.

ESL Dart  - List of ESL fee by section for the upcoming schedule.

Tuition Payment Plan (TPP)  Update of rules and dates for the upcoming year.

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