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Batch Schedule Bill – Batch hard copy print of combined schedule and bill that goes to students who have schedules as of the bill print date.

Interim Schedule Bill – Combined schedule and bill sent to students when they add or drop a course.  In use after the batch process has been completed.

Schedule – Interim schedule sent to students after they have added or dropped a course but prior to the issuing of schedule bills.  Shows an estimated bill.

Lock Box (Payment update from bank, Web) Batch processing of payments files received from lock box vendor (bank) and also files of automated payments made through the Web or the phone.

Mismatch and Mismatch Auto Post – Batch run that identifies the differences between a student’s payments and what they owe.  This produces bills and, at roll-over, posts the debit in student accounts for any money still owed.

Automated Refunds – A version of mismatch that produces refunds for students who have over payments.

Cash Flow Report - Summary of Charges and payments for manual update.

Grand Master - Transaction level detail of charges and payments.

DMV Match - Search through the DMV records to match traffic violations from cars without college stickers to students at the College.

TPP Warning Letters and Overdue Notices

Cash Check – Routine that reviews a student’s semester payment status.  This is used during the descheduling process to identify students who have no cash flow (any payments against their current schedule).

Charge Runs – Overdue and dunning notices timed to coincide with the arrival of aid and various other due dates.

Check Runs – Production of Financial Aid checks to be sent to students and the College from the Feds and HESC.

Check Voids – Processing of returned checks.

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