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Financial Aid System


Financial Aid Packaging:

Through the mainframe system, a batch process provides data received from the U.S. Department of Education to the FAST file for all students who indicated any of the three campuses in their college plan.  It also batches data to the CARS system for all students who have indicated one of the campuses and have not applied for admission.  This batch file is treated as an inquiry in the CARS system.  The FAST file then moves student data (all students who have a History File with College) to the FAID system where a student record is created for Financial Aid packaging.  The FAID file is the hub of the financial aid process.  It contains data not only from U. S. Department of Education but data from various college department application files on the mainframe system.  (i.e. Admissions, Registrar and Student Accounts).  It also retrieves and accepts data from outside agencies such as the National Student Clearinghouse and New York State Higher Education Service.


FAST – Student data is received twice weekly from the U.S. Department of Education central processor.  All data is uploaded to the college mainframe into the FAST file.  Those students who have a history file are then fed into the FAID system.  All students who do not have a history are batched and moved into the CARS system and treated as inquiry.  All FAST records are checked for history with each upload to the FAID system.

FAID – The FAID file is the main packaging feature for awarding financial aid.  It has the ability with the use of hot keys to manually package student financial aid.  It is also the area the auto-packaging program looks to for electronic packaging student financial aid and or the creation of missing information letters to individual students.  The FAID file gather information from Admissions and Registrar (enrollment status (SCHED), Matric code, High School Diploma, GED, Ability to Benefit Test, Eligible Courses, Title IV/TAP academic blocks etc.).

FAIQ – This is a mirror image of the FAID file with viewing rights only for various departments within the College (i.e. Business Office, Counseling, Admissions).

FATR – This is a student financial aid history file.  Notes financial aid received for both Grants and Loan information.  Also, collects information from Admissions as to previous college attended.

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