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Registration System


Academic Affairs coordinates the production of a master class schedule.  Students register for classes using the Web, the phone or in-person using Add/Drop.  A registration for a class produces two records, one in a Roster file and one in a schedule file.  These records are essentially the same; the only difference is the use of the files.  Roster is arranged by sections.  Schedule is arranged by student.  

Students begin registering for classes during priority registration.  Access is linked to dates entered in Add/Drop and the file of student eligibility.  This file is produced prior to priority registration and is based upon the number of credits a student has completed toward a degree and the first letter of their last name, with the earlier days being opened to students with the most progress.  The file also produces notices that go out to students.

Add/Drop is linked to prerequisite requirements and waivers, registration status/blocks, matriculation status, course history etc.  During the registration process, it will also provide alternate sections should a student attempt to register for a course that is closed.  There is also a web display of seat availability that a student may access prior to registering.

Students keep their schedule until walk-in payment due date.  At that time a student will loose their schedule if they have not made a payment against the current semester.  Descheduling is rules based, and excludes certain populations at certain times, in particular, those that have specific financial aid statuses.  There is also a way for administrators to exempt students from descheduling by adding them to the hold list.  This is done using the HOLD application.  

Student’s attendance is recorded through attendance rosters primarily submitted over the web.  Grades are submitted via grade rosters also primarily submitted by faculty over the web.  Various Computer Center batch runs are done to process roster files, post and report on enrollment status, post grades, screen for prerequisite progress/status and remove students from upcoming courses should prerequisite progress requirements not be met.

Registration System Applications:

Add/Drop – Updates student registration and roster status in individual sections.  Evaluates registration rules (pre-requisites, blocks, matriculation status, and priority registration status) to allow registration access.  Provides alternate sections when requested section is closed.  Lists general semester bill, including total charges, amount previously paid, amount previously refunded and amount remaining.

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