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ROST – Inquiry of student in particular sections.

SCHED – Inquiry of sections for which a student is registered.

TRAN –  Transcript by student, including courses taken or transferred and courses in-progress.

HOLD – Creation and maintenance of the list of students who will not be descheduled during the next descheduling event.

Registration System Runs:

Identification of Student Progress for Priority Registration - Batch run done prior to priority registration that establishes a student’s degree progress and assigns access to the registration system.

Daily Descheduling – Descheduling run in batch each evening after the walk-in payment due date, removing from the schedule students who have not made a payment against their semester schedule and who are not by-passed based upon exception rules of a hold list.

Financial Descheduling  - Run after the due date of the final Tuition Payment, removes from the schedule students for an upcoming semester who have failed to make final payment on their current TPP obligation.

Grades Prep Run – From grade rosters files (received from web or bubble sheet), checks for valid grades and formats grade file for uploading to the course file.

Grade Posting - Post Grades to course file and upgrades the matriculation status of students on probation or with developmental status, based upon course performance.

Prerequisite Screening – Check for completion of prerequisites after grades have been posted.  Identifies courses registered for in the upcoming semester that do not have the needed prerequisite because an in-progress course was not satisfactorily completed.  Sends notice to students of problems.

Prerequisite Descheduling – Removal of students from upcoming courses because an in-progress course was not satisfactorily completed.

Missing Rosters list – Report on missing rosters also integrated into the Financial Aid process to exclude students from progress evaluation if their instructor failed to submit a roster.

Print Grade Reports – Hard copy sent to students.

Waiver Screening Report

Headcount Extractions – regularly scheduled data file transferred to the Institutional Research server for enrollment reporting.

Faculty Workloads Reports

Class Utilization Reports

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