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today are widely used in the original equipment market. However, soldered copper/brass radiators still dominate the aftermarket globally. The third generation of radiators will be brazed copper/brass radiators – CuproBraze radiators.

“When comparing a number of basic physical properties of the materials,” says Finnradiator, “copper and brass show major advantages over aluminium for the radiator application. Thermal conductivity is perhaps copper’s greatest strength, while brass is at a marginal disadvantage to aluminium in this property. The coefficient of thermal expansion is lower for copper and brass than for aluminium. Also, the thermal stresses on the radiator during operation will be reduced. The relative advantage over aluminium in the strength is pronounced with increasing operating temperatures. The high strength of the brazing alloy compared to conventional solder almost triples the overall strength of the radiator core, when trying to pull the core apart. The corrosion resistance of a CuproBraze radiator is improved due to the new brazing alloy, which is as noble as copper and brass eliminating galvanic differences in the core. Lastly, copper/brass radiators can easily be repaired in the field if they are damaged. Aluminium radiators cannot – or only with great difficulty. This feature can be of great importance,

The drilling capacity of Kati's new underground exploration drill rig, the drilling unit is a Sandvik DE 130, is about 700 m of WL-76 and about 1,200 m of WL-46/WL-56

especially for off-road vehicles operated in remote areas.”

Finnradiator is among the first companies with real mass production scale. It was

established in 1926, so it has long experience in heat exchangers. Early in the development stage of the CuproBraze process, Finnradiator defined this technology as a cornerstone of its strategy. It says the message from customers in the field “has been very positive with Finnradiator’s ability to match the increasing requirements regarding product performance, durability and environmental aspects as well as legislation, such as TIER and EURO standards.”

Kati has just manufactured a new underground exploration drill rig, based on its model Drill Truck 721. This is a four-wheel steered carrier and the drilling unit is a Sandvik DE 130. Drilling capacity is about 700 m of WL- 76 and about 1,200 m of WL-46/WL-56. “After some years of pure surface drilling we wanted to expand our selection of services to underground drilling again since some demand appeared in that sector”, explained Matti Rautakoski, Kati’s Manager Sales and Marketing.

Early in 2009, Kati’s survey department received a new Flexit GyroSmart instrument for deviation surveys. The company reports “the new, compact instrument has given reliable results in Kati’s quality control experiments. GyroSmart is handy to use also when surveying old drill holes, since there is no need to have heavy equipment such as a drill rig on the survey site. That also reduces costs for surveying

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