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drill rigs to crushers and loaders. Again it is triple certified.

Josefsson: “This new facility shows our serious commitment to our customers, suppliers, distributors and personnel in Asia. It brings us closer to our customers in Asia and creates a lot of new opportunities both for us and our customers. Now we have an even better presence and can really create deep relationships and create the best solutions together. It has been a great achievement to finish this facility and get it operational in just one year and it will increase our manufacturing flexibility a great deal when it comes to capital equipment.

“It will mean improved understanding and consideration of our customers’ needs of equipments and services in Asia, shortened delivery times, better availability of our machines and service personnel. However, we will not only have the ability to serve our customers locally, but also customers all over the world,” said Antonin Beurrier, President, region East Asia.

SkyTEM collects geophysical data from the air. From its initial commercial survey in 2003, SkyTEM has grown to the point where it can field four or five separate crews anywhere in the world in places such as the Australian outback, the tropical forests in Malaysia, densely populated locations in Continental Europe, mountainous Norway or the gentle terrain of Denmark. Surveys have been carried out in some 15 countries, providing data to more than 60 clients.

The evolving SkyTEM system (TEM standing for Transient Electro Magnetic) is mechanically

Denmark’s SkyTEM is no stranger to its Nordic neighbours, having worked in Finland, Sweden and Norway, not to mention Greenland and northern stretches in Canada

robust, and collects and processes datasets with sophisticated computer programs. A unique feature of the system, according to the company, is its ability to be able to simultaneously transmit in two modes: high moment - enabling great depth penetration (down to 400 m) - and low moment - ensuring good resolution of near-surface anomalies. This


versatility, together with the programmable transmitter times and other advanced signal- processing software, allows SkyTEM to meet specific mineral exploration, groundwater and/or engineering tasks. The system is carried as an external sling load independent of the helicopter's electrical system. The transmitter loop is mounted around the perimeter of the lightweight lattice frame, while the receivers of the vertical Z- and the horizontal X- component are rigidly mounted at one end of the elongated hexagonal frame. This construction ensures a well defined geometry at all times and additionally allows for a low, effective terrain clearance of the system. In certain geological environments, or where terrain might so dictate, a physically smaller transmitter loop can be deployed; with an even smaller version being studied by the company. Changing the loop size does not result in a loss of resolution. The end result is an accurate SkyTEM survey with precise geoelectric cross sections which guide the geologists or engineers as to what to expect under the surface of the earth. “During the boom years it was all we could do to keep up with demand for new equipment sales,” says Tomas Brannemo, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for customer support at Volvo Construction Equipment. “The present market conditions give us a golden opportunity to raise the profile of our support packages – and to get closer to the owners and users of our equipment during what is likely to be a period of tough economic conditions.” In response to the need to keep machines working harder, for longer, Volvo has put

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