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Owner User ID

Enter the corporate user account for this user.

You must complete this setting so that the system can move Dial via Office calls between the desk phone and mobile phone.

Mobility User ID

Choose the same user account as the Owner User ID.

Enable Cisco Unified Check this check box. Mobile Communicator

Protocol Specific Information

Device Security Profile

This field is used by the Nokia Call Connect for Cisco client. The default value is Nokia S60 - Standard SCCP Non-Secure Profile.

Product Specific Configuration Layout

Country Code

Leave this setting blank.

It is not used in this release.

Cisco Usage and Error Tracking

Choose Enabled or Disabled. For important information about this setting, see About Cisco Usage and Error Tracking, page 1-3.

SIP Digest settings

Leave these settings blank. SIP Digest Authentication is not available in this release.

Corporate Domain name

Set to the domain where Cisco Unified Communications Manager resides. (For example, abc.com.)

You must complete this setting so that Cisco Mobile can resolve hostnames in cases where Cisco Unified Communications Manager provides only a partial host domain name through TFTP configuration.

Dial Policy

Choose Dial via Office or Let User Choose.

Chapter 2

Setting Up Dial via Office Features

Creating Devices

Restrictions and requirements that are not specific to Cisco Mobile may apply to these values. If you require additional information about any option on the Phone Configuration screen, see the online help in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Setting Device Information MAC Address

Phone Button Template


Enter the unique identifier of the phone. You obtained this value in the prerequisites for this procedure. Choose Standard Nokia S60 SCC.

Step 5

Enter values:


You must enter other values on this screen as applicable to your deployment. Values that are not described in this document are not specific to this device, but you may need complete them for the device to work properly. For more information, see the documentation for your release of Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Administration Guide for Cisco Mobile for Nokia, Release 8.5


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