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Chapter 2

Setting Up Dial via Office Features

Creating Devices

Step 9

Enter the External Phone Number Mask to indicate the phone number (or mask) that the system uses to send Caller ID information when a call is placed from this line.

You can enter a maximum of 24 numbers, the international escape character +, and X characters. The Xs represent the directory number and must appear at the end of the pattern. For example, if you specify a mask of 972813XXXX, an external call from extension 1234 displays a caller ID number of 9728131234.

This setting applies only to the current device unless you check the check box on the right side (Update Shared Device Settings) and click Propagate Selected. The system displays this check box only if other devices share this directory number.

Step 10 Step 11

In the Multiple Call/Call Waiting Settings on Device area, in the Busy Trigger field, enter 2.

Configure other settings as applicable for your environment. Cisco Mobile does not require specific values.

Step 12 Step 13 Step 14

Click Save. Navigate to the End User Configuration screen for the user. Associate the device that you just created with this user.

To verify, ensure that you can view the device in the Controlled Devices box in the Device Information area.

Step 15

In the Directory Number Associations area, from the Primary Extension drop-down list, choose the Directory Number extension.

Step 16

If this user has a desk phone, choose the desk phone as the Primary User Device.


Cisco Unified Communications Manager uses this field to determine the number of Device License Units (DLU) to use to enable Mobility for this end user. If you do not choose a Primary User Device, the Cisco Unified Communications Manager uses the full number of DLUs.

Step 17

If this is a standalone device that runs without an associated desk phone, you may need to enter other information that is standard for all devices in your system.

Step 18

Click Save.

What To Do Next

Do not test this device yet. You will set up the phone and test your settings after you set up Dial via Office–Reverse Callback for the system.

Administration Guide for Cisco Mobile for Nokia, Release 8.5


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