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Chapter 2

Setting Up Dial via Office Features

Creating Devices

Step 4

Navigate to the Phone Configuration screen for the Nokia S60 device. a. Enter values:



Device Information

Mobility User ID

Choose the user.

Protocol Specific Information

Rerouting Calling Search Space

Choose a Rerouting Calling Search Space that includes both of the following: The partition of the desk phone extension of the user

(This requirement is used by the system to provide the Dial via Office feature, not for routing calls.)

A route to the mobile phone number

The route to the mobile phone number (that is, the Gateway/Trunk partition) must have a higher preference than the partitions of the enterprise extension that is associated with the Nokia S60 device.

Note that Cisco Mobile allows users to specify a callback number for Dial via Office–Reverse calls that is different from the mobile phone number of the Nokia S60 device, and the Rerouting Calling Search Space controls which callback numbers are reachable.

Step 5

b. Click Save. Create a new Mobile Identity with the native mobile voice network (for example, GSM) phone number:

  • a.

    Navigate to the Phone Configuration screen for the Nokia S60 device.

  • b.

    Click Add a New Mobile Identity.

  • c.

    Enter the mobile phone number as the Destination Number.

This number is generally an E.164 number and it can include no more than 15 digits.

If this number cannot be routed to an outbound gateway with 15 digits or less, you must set up application dial rules to prefix necessary digits to make the number routable.

  • d.

    (Recommended) Check the Enable Mobile Connect check box.

  • e.

    (Recommended) Set up the schedule for routing calls to the mobile number.

  • f.

    Click Save.

What To Do Next

If necessary, create application dial rules to allow the system to route calls to the Mobile Identity phone number to the outbound gateway.

Ensure that the format of the Mobile Identity phone number matches the application dial rules. For more information, see Application Dial Rules Requirements, page 2-14.

Ensure that Mobile Connect works: If you dial the desk phone extension, the phone number that is specified in the associated Mobile Identity should ring.

Administration Guide for Cisco Mobile for Nokia, Release 8.5


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