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Chapter 2

Setting Up Dial via Office Features

Troubleshooting Calling Features

Dial via Office (Reverse Callback and Forward Types) is Not Working

Problem Dial via Office (Reverse Callback and Forward types) is not working. Solution Try the following: Ensure Cisco Mobile is connected to the corporate network.

Have the user try applicable troubleshooting tips in the FAQs for this product at http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps7271/products_user_guide_list.html.

Dial a problem number to and from your desk phone to ensure that those calls are routable on your system.

Ensure that you correctly set up the Calling Search Space and Reroute Calling Search Space settings on the system, and that you assigned the correct values for each to your Enterprise Feature Access Number partition settings.

Ensure that calls to the Enterprise Feature Access Number are being routed properly through the system.

If you change the cluster security mode in Cisco Unified Communications Manager to mixed mode, you must restart Cisco Unified Communications Manager to reenable the Dial via Office feature.

If you save changes in Cisco Unified Communications Manager, click Apply Config, and then click Reset. Cisco Mobile automatically updates the settings.

Check troubleshooting information in related topics for this section.

Related Topics Setting Up Dial via Office, page 2-12

Troubleshooting Dial via Office–Reverse Callback Calls, page 2-22 Troubleshooting Dial via Office–Forward Calls, page 2-24

Problems with Phone Numbers Starting with Special Characters

Problem A phone number starting with a special character (* & #) could not be dialed successfully, or was dialed direct when it should have been dialed via office.

Solution Phone numbers that start with these characters are always dialed direct. See the documentation for the phone to determine whether the native dialer can handle these characters.

Troubleshooting Dial via Office–Reverse Callback Calls

Use the following sections to troubleshoot Dial via Office–Reverse Callback calls: Dial via Office–Reverse Callback is Not Working, page 2-23 Unexpected Number Appears in Call History, page 2-23 Callback to Alternate Number is Unsuccessful, page 2-23

Administration Guide for Cisco Mobile for Nokia, Release 8.5


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