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Chapter 4

Setting Up Presence and Instant Messaging

Setting Up Presence and Instant Messaging with Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Setting XMPP Server


Enter the server IP address or DNS-routable hostname of the server that provides presence and instant messaging.

If the port is anything other than 5222, include the port.

For Cisco Unified Presence servers, use the format CUPserver.yourcompany.com:<port number>

For information about how to retrieve the Cisco Unified Presence IP address or DNS-routable hostname, see the Cisco Unified Presence documentation.

For Cisco WebEx Connect servers, use the format server ID.webexconnect.com:<port number>

To retrieve Cisco WebEx Connect account details, sign on to the WebEx Connect Administration Tool. Select Additional Services > IM Federation. In the field used to allow non-WebEx Connect XMPP IM clients to authenticate to your Connect domains, locate the URL that represents your server. (The URL is in the following format: server ID.webexconnect.com.)

For more information about Cisco WebEx Connect, see the Cisco WebEx Connect documentation.

XMPP Resource

If more than one device is associated with the user’s Jabber User Id (JID), enter the same value as the other client uses to prevent simultaneous sign-in. For example, enter wbxconnect for Cisco WebEx Connect.

Jabber identifier for XMPP

Enter the Jabber User ID for this user. For example, john@xyz.com.

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Click Save. Click Apply Config. Click Reset. On the phone:

  • a.

    Start Cisco Mobile if it is not already running.

  • b.

    Wait a few moments for the notice that configurations have changed.

  • c.

    Wait for Cisco Mobile to reconnect to services.

  • d.

    Enter your Chat credentials if required.

  • e.

    Wait for your availability to appear near the top-left corner of the screen.

Administration Guide for Cisco Mobile for Nokia, Release 8.5


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