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Chapter 5

Setting Up Voice Messaging Features

Message Waiting Indicator

Message Waiting Indicator

A Message Waiting Indicator alerts users to the presence of new voice messages. Users can call the voice messaging system to retrieve the messages.

Cisco Mobile supports both basic and enhanced Message Waiting Indicators. The basic Message Waiting Indicator alert displays an icon to alert users that they have new messages. The enhanced Message Waiting Indicator allows Cisco Mobile to display a message count for the total number of new voice messages. Not all voicemail servers support enhanced Message Waiting Indicators. To determine if your voicemail server supports enhanced Message Waiting Indicators, see your voicemail server documentation.

Voicemail Call-In Number

Cisco Mobile provides a button to allow users to easily dial in to the voicemail server to collect voice messages. For this purpose, Cisco Mobile automatically retrieves the Voice Mail Pilot Number from Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Voice Mail Pilot Number Requirements

To give Cisco Mobile users the option of accessing voice messages by dialing direct from their mobile phone number, the Voice Mail Pilot Number must be an E.164 number. If the Voice Mail Pilot number is not in E.164 format, users can use Dial via Office to check voicemail.

If you have users with mobile phone numbers in different area codes or countries, you may need to create more than one new Voice Mail Pilot Number. If so, include or exclude country code, area code, and so on, as applicable to each specific device phone number.

Creating a Voice Mail Pilot Number

Use this procedure to create a Voice Mail Pilot Number. A Voice Mail Pilot Number designates the directory number that the system dials so that users can access their voice messages. Cisco Unified Communications Manager automatically dials the Voice Mail Pilot Number when users select the Listen button on the Voicemail tab in Cisco Mobile. Each pilot number can belong to a different voice messaging system.


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Sign in to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration portal. Choose Advanced Features > Voice Mail > Voice Mail Pilot. Click Add New.

Administration Guide for Cisco Mobile for Nokia, Release 8.5


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